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15 Best Tips On How To Be Popular In Middle School (2022)

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how to be popular in middle school

Middle school is an important time in a student’s life, as it is when they begin to form their friendships and groups of friendship. 

It is a time when students will find their social network. If a student is not able to make friends during these years, they may be socially awkward and distant in the future. 

But what’s it like to be popular in middle school? Here are some tips that will help you make a great impression and stay popular in middle school. you should also read our blog about how to stay awake in class.

How To Be Popular In Middle School

Here are some tips on how to be popular in middle school:

Put yourself out there

Making others notice you and want to be around you is one of the biggest keys to becoming popular. 

You have to put yourself out there in order to achieve that. 

You won’t leave a good impression if you spend all of your time by yourself in the halls, worrying about your upcoming lesson, or frowning the entire time while you’re in gym class. 

Let them see you laughing and having a good time so they want to spend time with you too. This is the key to making people want to be around you. And also if you want to know about how to stay motivated in school, then you can read our blog on it. It is the first tip on how to be popular in middle school.

Stand out – for a good reason

Even while arriving at school in only your bathing suit will make you stick out, such attention might not be what you’re going for. 

You need to make yourself known so that when your name is spoken, people will think well of you. 

This will help you stand out in a positive way. Here are some strategies for standing out:

  • You might be the person who always has a guitar in his possession and actually knows how to play it.
  • You can laugh so loudly that anyone in the building would be able to hear you.

Join a team

Joining a team and participating in a sport are great ways to meet new people and get to know them, in addition to being a great way to get some exercise and feel better. 

You can play soccer after school and get in a fantastic exercise without having to be the team’s star player. 

Make an attempt to participate in at least one sport, whether it’s on your school’s team or in an intramural league, to increase your chances of meeting a variety of interesting people. It is the third tip on how to be popular in middle school.

Join clubs

As you pursue your hobbies, joining clubs will also help you meet others, put yourself out there, and develop into a more interesting person. 

Choose a subject that truly interests you, such as debate, French, Model UN, or a variety of other topics, and stick with it. 

Become a club leader and utilise your influence to advance the organisation and meet new people. It is the fourth tip on how to be popular in middle school.

Have diverse interests

You know more people when the more things you do. Moreover, the more people you know, the more likely it is that they will recognise you and that their faces won’t go blank when your name is mentioned. 

Play soccer, join the drama club, work as a student assistant in the library—do whatever interests you and take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people. It is the fifth tip on how to be popular in middle school.

Show an interest in people

You must show that you genuinely care about others, regardless of whether they like you or not, if you truly want to be popular. 

By being affable, checking in on friends and acquaintances, asking them how they’re doing. 

And finding out about their hobbies, families, and aspirations outside of school, you can show your interest in other people.

Try to make friends in different groups

Middle schoolers who genuinely desire to be popular should be able to make friends with not only the popular kids but also the other students. 

You’ll have problems in high school when your new school is overwhelmed with new students.

And you only know a small number of them if you only chat to the same eight people because you believe that makes you cool. 

Try to get to know everyone you can, from the sweet girl in your homeroom to the boy who has a locker right next to yours.

Master small talk

Small talk is nothing to be taken lightly. 

Being an expert at small chat can help you interact with people and put them at ease before starting a deeper or more enjoyable conversation. 

Simply approach someone, introduce yourself, and begin by sharing your day’s events. 

Small talk can assist start larger discussions and encourage people to open up to you. 

Make people laugh

Being social and gaining popularity both depend heavily on your ability to make people laugh. 

Go ahead and play the class clown if you feel comfortable doing so. 

It’s also great if you prefer to surprise people with your razor-sharp wit. 

And if you’re good at making people laugh while mocking them, it might be your thing. 

Instead of attempting to make people laugh with force, focus on enhancing your natural humour-making abilities.

Learn to laugh at yourself

Being a fun and social person and becoming more popular require learning to laugh at yourself. 

It’s widely known that the popular kids believe they are perfect and incapable of making a mistake. 

But it will actually feel good to know that people find you to be cool without taking yourself too seriously. 

Learning to laugh at yourself doesn’t require you to be self-deprecating or insecure. 

But you should make jokes about your weaknesses and concerns to show to others that you are at ease with who you are.

Put a little effort into your appearance

To be famous and attract attention, you don’t have to be a girl who wears a lot of makeup or a guy who sports the hottest shoes or denim. 

However, you should take care of your appearance so that people may form a favourable opinion of you simply by looking at you. 

This includes keeping your face unoily, your clothes clean, and your body well-groomed. If you are aware of your nice looks, you will feel better about yourself.

Be confident

Even though it won’t happen over night, you may work to boost your confidence by being content with who you are, what you do, and how you appear. 

Work on imagining your best selves rather than focusing on your weaknesses, and enter a space with a feeling of satisfaction and deservingness. 

You can pretend until you become successful. 

People will respect you more even if you don’t feel confident; just behaving such will help.

Excel at something

Being excellent at something, whether it’s being the most perceptive girl in your English class or the best goalie your middle school has ever seen. 

It is another way to quickly stand out as awesome and feel good about yourself. 

Instead of believing that it’s “not cool” to care about anything, embrace your passions and put in the effort to be the best at it. 

Future rewards will come from it.

Stop caring what other people think

In middle school, when many students spend the majority of their time chatting and gossiping about other people and worrying about how they come across. 

It may feel nearly impossible to stop caring what other people think. 

When you’re still developing as a person—both physically and emotionally—and unsure of your place in the world. 

It’s only normal to be concerned about what other people think of you.


We hope that you enjoyed our article on how to be popular in middle school. 

Now that you are in the middle school years, it is important to make the most of these years and stay focused on your goals. 

In the first few weeks of middle school, you will need to find your place and begin to build friendships. 

If you have a solid group of friends in middle school, you will have someone to rely on and have fun with! 

Just make sure you are always acting in a kind and respectful way because this will help you to be popular in middle school. 

If you have any questions about how to be popular in middle school, please contact us anytime at FinestStudy. Thank you for reading and have a great day!


How To Be Popular In Middle School?

One way is to be nice to everyone, even if they aren’t popular. You can also be involved in many activities, like sports, music or art. You could bring a snack or two to share when you make new friends. Another way to be popular is to wear what everyone else is wearing and make sure you are totally up to date with the latest trends! The last way to be popular is to always be yourself! Just because you aren’t like everyone else in your class, that doesn’t mean you aren’t popular.

How to make friends in middle school?

It’s hard to make friends in middle school. There are so many people you have to impress with your attitude, interests, and looks. It’s easy to get swept up in the idea that everyone is already in a group and there’s no room for one more. But you may be surprised to find that there are others that are just like you– they’re looking to join a group too! Here are a few simple ways to make friends in middle school.

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