how to become a smart student

How To Become a Smart Student

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about how to become a smart student. 

If your dream is to become a smart student, then this article is going to be very useful for you. In this we are going to give you complete information about becoming a smart student. 

To become a smart student, you need to prepare yourself. When you prepare yourself, success will start touching your feet when you decide for yourself that you will show yourself as the best and you will work hard accordingly.

So you will be able to do whatever you want, the biggest and only key to getting success is that which is called hard work. 

And to become smarter, only hard work is not enough. This strategy also has to be made because only after making the right strategy you can become a smart student. So let’s know about how to become a smart student.

Best 20 Tips On How To Become a Smart Student

Students are always on the lookout for tips to become a smart student but is it really possible to reach the skies without stepping out of your comfort zone? The reason why toppers stand ahead of others is because they have good habits. Listed below are some habits that you can adopt to become the next topper.

Study Regular 

First and foremost the quality which is seen in smart students is that they have full discipline to be successful in the long run. 

Topers understand the importance of time and energy during their preparation, hence they remain extremely disciplined during their study hours. 

They continued their studies every day according to the regular timetable without any interruption and did his studies for fixed hours. For them, studies are not just an exam but an opportunity to accumulate knowledge and strengthen their vision. It is the first tip on how to become a smart student.

Learning New

The first but the most important element that all students should know is that they have the desire to read and the zeal to learn/know something new. Not trying to be a topper, but the zeal to gather knowledge/know everything takes them to that point. 

Because students keep on learning, so does their confidence. Hence the toppers of the competitive students are found to have a strong self belief system which acts as a constant driving force for the betterment of their competitive exam preparation. It is the second tip on how to become a smart student.

Study Smart

Their method of studying is called smart study. This process involves completing the entire syllabus on time under time management and taking care of studies during the course of studies. 

The fundamental difference between a competitive exam topper and a failed candidate is the dedication and consistency that builds up with practice. 

It is also an art to be dedicated to learning new things and constantly improving the way you learn. It is the third tip on how to become a smart student.

Make Notes

The third thing that sets him apart from other students is his note making skills. Even after studying the lessons taught in school/college/coaching, preparing their own notes and completing the syllabus plays a very important role to become a smart student. It is the fourth tip on how to become a smart student.

Understand Each Topic Concept Wise

For this, never memorises any fact by rote, but considers every fact as concept wise. This helps in expanding their knowledge as well as in dealing with the variations of the question. Due to this, a different kind of reflective thinking is developed in them and they are able to move forward in any kind of problem situation. It is the fifth tip on how to become a smart student.


Toppers revise their studied knowledge in a scientific manner at regular intervals. So that they can remember and reveal it better for the exam. 

After reading this fact, you must revise it within 24 hours. Check again after a week. And then after one month, after 6 months, revise again. 

By this process the toppers are able to remember more facts and perform more than the ordinary students. Toppers realise the importance of consistency in their preparation and take out time to revise every day. It is the sixth tip on how to become a smart student.

Never Hesitate To Ask Questions

If you don’t understand anything in class/coaching/group study, then you must put your doubts in front of everyone and gets the solution. You don’t have to hesitate to ask question. It is the seventh tip on how to become a smart student.

Solve Mock Tests / Model Papers

Competitive exam toppers must solve mock test series and previous years papers. This gives them confidence that they can crack any exam. Solving old papers gives confidence. 

Solving mock test series also helps the students to know the pattern of the type of questions that come in the exam. This helps in getting good marks. The more practice you have, the better your score will be. It is the eight tip on how to become a smart student.

Don’t Waste Too Much Time oO Tough Questions In The Exam

Success can be achieved unless good time management is done. Although time management should be taken care of throughout the year, it becomes even more important at the end of the exam. 

Toppers not only manage time throughout the year, but also take care of it in the exam hall. Instead of wasting more time on difficult questions, spend more time on  that question in which you can score 100% marks. It is the ninth tip on how to become a smart student.

Focus On Health

It is necessary to have a healthy body for good studies. As the competitive examination approaches, due to the stress of studies in the students day and night, where the health of the students deteriorates, due to which the students become ill at the last moment. Due to which the studies of the students get affected. 

On the other hand, being unwell at the time of examination also affects the result. In such a situation, students need to take full care of their health. Sleeping for at least six hours is essential to stay healthy. On the other hand, along with studies, sprouted grains, fruits and milk should be consumed along with regular food. It is the tenth tip on how to become a smart student.

Avoid Sitting Back In Class

By sitting back, you will not be in direct contact with your professor. They won’t even be able to give you full attention. It makes you think about where you have to sit? If you are not paying attention in class then you are wasting your time. Strain your mind and think about what you should be doing. 

Stay Away From Distractions

There are some things around us that distract us from our studies. Such objects should either be kept away from themselves or the mobile phone should be put on aeroplane mode. 

If you are studying online, then you should not only have Facebook Messenger app and Facebook and WhatsApp notifications should be turned off, as well as stay away from other distracting things.

Focus More On Weak Subjects

If you want to become a smart student, then you should do well in all the subjects. If you are a week in a subject, give it more time or take its coaching. Most of the students are weak in maths, so pay special attention to maths.

Understand The Topic Through Online Video

With the use of the Internet, we can watch the lectures of the best teachers on YouTube sitting at home. If you are very weak in any subject, then you can watch their tutorial on YouTube and you can understand by repeating it again and again.

Don’t Study Lazy

There is no need to study much to become a topper. Whatever you are reading should be effective. Meaning whatever you read, read it thoroughly. So that you can remember what you read for a long time. If you are not studying any subject with all your heart, then it is not going to be of any use, then you will remain an average student.

Best Tips To Become Topper

Now that you are familiar with the habits of a smart student, let us go through some tips and tricks to become a smart student:

Work smart, not tough: This is one of the most important tips to become a smart student. Reading and revising from limited sources is much more beneficial than reading from multiple sources as it will help you build a solid foundation.

It is human nature to make mistakes: The reason why this is an important tip to be a smart student is because it reminds us of the fact that we are human and humans make mistakes. But only those who work on their weaknesses can reach the top.

Prioritize: This is an art that only a few can master. Once you understand the difference between relevant and irrelevant tasks, only then you will be able to achieve your goals.

Apart from the basic tips to become a smart student, you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle, take regular breaks and practice self-discipline.


In this blog, we have discussed how to become a smart student. We hope you have understood easily. If you like our blog, then share it with your friends. Also if you have any query related to out blog, then you can comment us. We will reply you as soon as possible. You should also read oldest universities in the world.


How to become a topper in 1 month?

First of all, make a routine (Time Table) If you people are also 10th and 12th student and want to prepare for the upcoming examination, then first of all make a time table! The time table should be made such that it should be followed daily, the time table should be such that it should be a routine of study for at least 6 to 7 hours.

How many hours should I study to become a topper?

80 per cent students who scored above 90 per cent said that they study for 3 to 4 hours every day. For better results, it is better to study regularly for 3-4 hours every day than to study for 10 to 12 hours during the exam. Due to this the result is also better.

How to top class 12th?

You have to make your own time table keeping the value of your time. It is not necessary that you have to make it on paper only. Pay attention that you do not have so much time, which you make for yourself on the time table paper, you always have to think in your mind that when you have to study, when you have to play. And when you have more work to do.

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