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10 Tips On How To Do Homework Faster

Doing homework may seem time-consuming and frustrating to you. If you want to focus on homework, then this blog is for you.

by focusing, planning well, and encouraging yourself, you’ll be able to finish your homework on time and make time for other games and fun, exciting activities.

But for this you have to try to keep distracting devices away from you until you need them. Because of these devices only your attention can be distracted. Sit in a quiet place and do homework so that you can stay away from other attractions. 

For example, don’t choose a room with a TV to do homework because it might tempt you to watch the TV while sitting in a room. Read this blog to learn how to stay focused on homework. You should also read about How To Improve Handwriting.

How To Do Homework Faster?

Choose a Comfortable, Well-Lit Place To Do Homework

Choose a cushioned and comfortable chair to sit in. Avoid doing homework on the floor or in your bed, as these places are more likely to make you sleepy and distracted. Not only this, while doing homework in  floor or in your bed, you can’t get sleep properly. Due to less sleep, you will not be able to focus on your homework. It is the first tip on how to do homework faster.

To Prevent Distractions, Put Away Your Electronic Devices

Shut off your mobile phone, log off from your computer (if you don’t need a computer for homework), turn off the TV And close the door of the room. Tell your family and friends that you don’t want to be disturbed while you work so that they can respect your privacy.

  • While using your computer to do homework, download website blocking apps like Freedom or SelfControl to keep you focused on your studies. While studying, using these apps, you can block any website for some time. Also, another advantage of Chrome’s extension Strict Workflow app is that if you’ve set a fixed timer to block a website, you can’t cancel the timer prematurely. It is the second tip on how to do homework faster.

Set A Timer

Before doing any assignment or subject homework, set a timer on the clock as to the approximate time it will take you to complete the task. You can check the timer regularly to keep track of how much time is passing and how much time you have left. Setting a timer will help you know if it’s taking you long to finish the task, and you’ll try to finish your task as quickly as possible without getting distracted.

  • If homework or assignment in one subject is taking more time than homework in another subject, you can take help of your teacher or parents to finish it.
  • If you get distracted or can’t finish your task, don’t make excuses. For example, you might say “I can’t concentrate on studies without doing a job I love” or “I’ll only do this in a minute or two”) It is the third tip on how to do homework faster.

Gather The Necessities

It is better to collect your books, papers, writing materials like pens, pencils etc. can be obtained from Clean your school bag and folders or files once a week or month to keep things organized.

  • Organize your various subject folders and notebooks into one large binder separated by tab dividers. By doing this, all schoolwork will be in one place. It is the fourth tip on how to do homework faster.

Make a plan for the homework to be done in the evening. 

Instead of starting with just one book from the bag, first make a plan for homework for all the subjects. There are several ways that you can use to make a proper plan for how to do homework in the evening. Including the following:

  • First, find out how long it will take you to finish all the homework.
  • Make a list of all the tasks you need to complete.
  • Estimate the amount of time needed to finish the homework for each subject.
  • Start doing homework as written on your list and write off the subject’s name in the list for which the work ends. It is the fifth tip on how to do homework faster.

Start Your Homework As Soon As You Get Home From School.

Waiting until the evening to start homework may result in you having to sit up late at night to finish homework, which is not a good thing because it’s hard to finish work when you’re tired and It will be difficult. Similarly, if you don’t finish the homework by the next morning, it may be wrong or incomplete if you write in a hurry.

Prioritize The Due Date And Important Tasks

As soon as you write down the assignments and their due dates for the whole week in the planner or diary, next to the first priority task ” Write “A” and “C” next to the last assignment to be submitted and “B” next to the middle of the task you want to complete. Give priority to the assignment which is to be submitted tomorrow over the assignment which is to be submitted next Tuesday. And consider finishing the big assignments first instead of the smaller ones. It is the sixth tip on how to do homework faster.

  • If you have to finish writing a 10-page essay within a week and you haven’t even started writing it yet, label this homework with the letter “A” or “B” and another homework that requires you to answer 5 short questions. To write the answer which has to be submitted after three days label it with letter “C”.
  • Make sure you don’t keep the assignment until the last minute without completing it.

Take Breaks

Concentrating for several hours without stopping is more likely to slow you down. For every 25 minutes, to give your brain and body a rest, get up from your seat for 5 minutes and move around a bit. It is the seventh tip on how to do homework faster.

Drink Snacks and Water

Drink plenty of water and eat light, healthy, tasty snacks while you’re doing homework so you can enjoy your favorite foods, boost your memory, and keep your brain and body fresh. Avoid consuming soda, sugary junk food and energy drinks while doing homework so that you don’t fall asleep midway while doing homework.

  • In between, you can eat banana or apple slices or dry fruits with peanut butter. It is the eight tip on how to do homework faster.

Give Yourself A Nice Reward After You’ve Finished Homework

After you’ve finished homework, go to your friend’s house, play your favorite video game, play basketball, or go out for ice cream with your siblings. Doing these fun activities will help encourage you to focus and finish your work efficiently. It is the ninth tip on how to do homework faster.


  • Wear comfortable clothes while doing homework.
  • Remember to submit all the assignments on time.
  • Use a planner or diary to write down the tasks you need to finish so that you don’t miss out on your submissions.
  • When you’re working on an assignment, it’s natural to think of all the other homework that you have to finish. But you will need to focus on what you are doing.
  • You can sleep while working. So if you have to stay awake, set an alarm every 5 to 10 minute intervals to remind you that you have to finish homework.
  • If you feel that you are a little lazy, buy a calendar and note down a plan to follow all the steps for a big project.
  • Consider listening to classical music to increase your concentration while doing your homework.
  • Start with the toughest assignments and work on easier assignments after you finish them to make them easier for you to finish.
  • If possible, start working on your assignments at school (you can work on assignments on short breaks at school, during lunch time, or in free class.) so that homework is a little shorter when you get home.
  • After completing the work, check it once, so that you can avoid correcting your mistakes later.
  • Be happy and don’t stress at all. After about 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break and take a walk around in the break or eat a small snack.
  • If you have time, try to finish your homework at school so that you can relax a bit at home.
  • If your house or neighborhood is noisy and your friend’s house is in a quiet place, ask them if you can finish your homework with them at their house. Then, you can even have a little fun with your friend after you’ve finished homework!
  • Always having your things ready will go a long way in helping you do your homework.
  • Remember to keep all your electronic devices away from you as these things are likely to distract your attention from important tasks.
  • Choose a place to do your homework where you don’t feel sleepy and where you aren’t distracted.

Conclusion (How To Do Homework Faster)

In this blog, we have discussed how to do homework faster. We hope you have understood easily. By following the above tips, you can do your homework faster. If you like our blog, then share it with your friends. Also if you have any query related to this blog, then you can comment us. We will reply you as soon as possible. 

How To Do Homework Faster FAQs

Why do I take so long to do homework?

Kids may spend hours on their homework for a number of reasons, including trouble focusing, defiance of their parents, or an excessive amount of schoolwork (for them). Children that have problems focusing are frequently fidgeters who require tactile stimulation to focus and settle down.

What is the easiest way to do homework?

1. Understand the assignment. 
2. Start right away
3. Budget your time.
4. Find a quiet place to focus
5. Avoid studying on your bed.

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