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10 Steps On How To Get Job In Google?

How to get job in google? – Google LLC (Limited Liability Company) is an MNC company, and apart from this Google is also the world’s largest search engine. If we need information related to anything online, then we can see the answer to any question you have by searching on Google. 

Google company comes out with many types of jobs from time to time. If you also want to do a job in Google, then this blog is very important for you. Here you are going to get all the important information related to How to get job in google.

What is Google?

The Google company was founded by two Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of whom studied PhD at Stanford University. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are also referred to as “Google Guys”. Google was founded on September 4, 1998. Google is a Multinational Technology Company, which is based on Internet Search, Cloud Computing and Advertising Systems. 

Google provides many types of facilities related to the Internet. Google is included in the 5 largest companies of information technology along with Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. Google runs more than one million data centers around the world.

There are 4.39 billion internet users around the world, and this number is increasing day by day. If we talk about Google Vacancies, then Google keeps on releasing Vacancies from time to time. In which there are many profile jobs apart from Google Work From Home, Web Solutions Engineer Google, Google Internal Audit Jobs, Google Technical Writer Jobs, Google Account Manager Job. 

Every year more than 1 million applications are filled for these vacancies, but only 6000 – 7000 thousand people get jobs in Google.

The biggest advantage of working in Google is that you get a lot of great facilities here. Along with you, Google company also provides some facilities for your family. Because of which people want to work in Google.

Qualification for job in google

Before applying for a job in Google, you must know about the qualification, so that you do not have to face any kind of problem –

  • Google is an MNC company, to work here your English must be very good.
  • You must have very good knowledge of computer to do a job in Google.
  • Your knowledge of maths and reasoning ability should also be good.
  • To get a job in Google, your communication skills should also be good.
  • If we talk about how much qualification is required to get a job in Google, then let us tell you, apart from all the things mentioned above, the qualification is based on your job profile.
  • If we talk about Google’s Web Solutions Engineer Qualification, then you must have Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Math, in this. Similarly, other job profiles can also have different qualifications.

How to get job in google?

Here are some steps on How To Get Job In Google?:

  • Google comes out with various types of vacancies from time to time. If you want to do a job in Google, then for this you should first make a good resume.
  • Your resume should contain all the important information like your qualifications, experience, skills, etc.
  • Google also provides jobs through placement from the campuses of many big universities.
  • When you have your resume complete, after that you can apply for jobs at different places according to your profile by visiting
  • After coming to the Google Job Website, the first thing you have to do is to upload your resume.
  • After uploading the resume, you have to give all the information related to your profile here, for which profile you want to apply, what is your qualification, in which branch of Google you want to work.
  • After completing all the process, the form filled by you will be reviewed.
  • After this, on the basis of your resume, it will be decided whether you should be called for an interview or not.
  • If your resume is impressive, you might be called in for an interview.

Benefits Of Google

Google provides many great facilities to the employees working in its company. So let’s know, the benefits of working in Google –

  • Google gives free food to all the employees working in its company.
  • All kinds of fun activities have also been set up in Google’s office for the employees.
  • Keeping in mind the health of the employees, Google provides a variety of means to garden, relax home, and relax.
  • Google company has designed all its offices in such a way that the employees do not face any kind of trouble or stress.
  • Google’s Office is designed by psychologists, in which everything has been taken care of, from color to all types of walls and paintings, everything has been made in a special way.
  • Free Gym facility is also available for all the Employee working in Google.
  • The Google company also provides the facility of Google Free Medical Staff for all its employees.
  • If any employee’s health deteriorates while working in the office, then he is immediately taken care of by the medical staff.

Categories for Jobs in Google

How To Get Job In Google? To get a job in Google, you have been given a list about some of the categories below. If you are a person from any of these categories, then you can apply for a job in Google.


If you are looking for jobs related to business positions, then the job of Business Manager, Quantitative Business, Analyst, Sales Strategy Manager etc. in Google keeps on coming out from time to time, you can apply for these jobs.


For the position of Technoogy Jobs in Google, many types of engineering category jobs keep coming out, which include Product Manager, Software Engineer, Application Developer, Static Timing Analysis, etc.


Many types of jobs related to designing also keep coming out in Google, which include User Interface Designer, User Experience Writer, User Experience Researcher, User Experience Designer, Visual Designer etc.

Free features available to Google employees

  • Death Benefit
  • Free Food
  • Free Gym Classes
  • Great Culture
  • Online Google Jobs
  • Onsite Medical Staff
  • Paternity
  • Relax House
  • Swimming Pool

Conclusion (How To Get Job In Google?)

This blog was about how to get a job in Google. In which you have been told all the important information about working in Google. If you have any question related to this article, then you can tell us by commenting. If you liked this article, then please do share this blog with your friends, thank you.

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FAQs (How To Get Job In Google?)

How to get job in google?

You will have to do a course in computer or technology related subject to get a job in Google. After this, you can go to and know about the jobs coming out in Google. Whatever job is good for your profile, you can apply in it.

Can anyone apply in google?

Yes, if you have done all those courses, and you have the qualification according to the job coming out in Google, then you can apply for the job in Google.

Do I need English to work in Google?

Yes, if you want to work in Google, then for this you should have good knowledge of English language. Because Google is an MNC company, which works at the international level.

What facilities are available to the employees working in Google?

Employees get more facilities in Google than other companies. Google takes care of the health of all its employees, for which health check-up of all employees is done from time to time.

What type of questions are asked in Google job interview?

When you go for an interview in Google, here you are asked logical questions in addition to your profile. So that you can get to know about your thinking and decision making ability.

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