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How To Improve Handwriting? 7 Scientific Ways to Improve Handwriting.

When we write something with good handwriting, people feel very happy to see that good handwriting. And they read from the mind because their mind becomes happy after reading and seeing it. 

That’s why everyone wants their handwriting to be good.

America’s great President Abraham Lincoln has written in his biography that I will regret not writing good handwriting for the rest of my life.

Although beautiful handwriting is necessary for everyone, the most important is for the students. Whether that student is of fifth class or 15th class. You should also read about How To Improve Writing Skills.

Importance of beautiful handwriting

It is said that handwriting speaks. You must be thinking that how does handwriting speak? The answer is, when you give your exam, then your copy goes to the other teacher for checking.

That teacher has no idea about you whether you are the topper in the class or the monitor or what are you? There your beautiful handwriting tells you how intelligent you are. What talent do you have in you?

Secondly, the teacher who checks the copy is also a human being, not a computer. Just as we and you are happy to see good things, in the same way, teachers are also happy to see good handwriting.

If you want to make the teacher happy and get good marks in the examination, then you have to improve your handwriting along with putting your mind to studying. Make a timetable for writing each day.

Beautiful Handwriting Required

We all need beautiful handwriting. Whether your writing is bad or fine, everyone should improve. If your handwriting is bad then improve it and make it better.

If your handwriting is good, then try to improve it. Because winning your handwriting is good, the more it will be beneficial for you.

Answers To Some Questions Related To Improving Handwriting

How to Improve Handwriting (Handwriting Kaise Sudhare) As many people ask this question, you will get different answers. Some will tell, write 15-20 pages per day, and some will tell use an expensive pen.

If someone will advise, to hold the pen with two fingers, then someone will say, hold the pen with four fingers. Hold the pen in such a way that an angle of 90 degrees is formed, etc.

Everyone has their own nature and gives advice accordingly. We cannot change that. But all these suggestions are not scientific. I am answering all the above questions.

What will happen if I write 10-20 pages a day in the first answer? It is not an archery competition practice that shoots 15-20 arrows daily, 1-2 will surely hit the target. This is handwriting, no matter how many pages you write. If you do not improve in handwriting, then there will be no improvement.

Second suggestion Use an expensive pen. If beautiful handwriting can be done with expensive pens, then the children of all rich people would be able to write beautiful handwriting, but it is not so. If your handwriting is good, then you can write better writing than a pen 5.

Hold the pen with two/three/four fingers. If you are reading this article, you must be studying in class VIII above. If you are holding a pen with two fingers for 8-10 years and let me tell you, it is difficult to hold with three fingers or with four fingers.

You cannot change your catching style. So the above things do not make much sense. Please don’t worry. Our scientific advice is, definitely remember it.

7 Scientific Ways To Improve Handwriting 

We are telling you some remedies which is scientific. Due to this your handwriting will definitely improve. Whatever you are writing, definitely follow these rules. This method is as follows-

Sit Down And Write

tips to improve handwriting

Your writing is top key, you have won the title of handwriting in the whole school. You tell us by lying down straight or by standing on one leg and tell us by writing. You cannot write the same handwriting as you write while sitting properly.

Therefore, whenever you sit while writing, use a chair table or study table. Sit in such a way that if you have to sit continuously for 2-3 hours then there will be no problem. In this way, your handwriting will definitely remain in writing. It is the first way on how to improve handwriting.

Do Not Write Hard On The Pen

tips to improve handwriting

Many students write in such a way that their mark is made in the back three-four pages. By writing like this, you will get tired very quickly and you will not be good at handwriting either.

In this way, while writing you should neither hold the pen hard nor press the medicine with the pen. Hold the pen lightly and write by pressing lightly. With this, you can write beautiful handwriting for a long time. It is the second way on how to improve handwriting.

Reduce Write Speed

tips to improve handwriting

If you want to improve in handwriting, then you should reduce your writing speed a little. Now as much as you write three pages in a while, write two pages in a while. This will definitely improve your handwriting.

When your handwriting improves, you can gradually increase your speed. It is the third way on how to improve handwriting.

Move The Whole Arm Bot Just The Paw

tips to improve handwriting

Many students write as if only their paw is moving, the back part remains absolutely still. Due to this, he starts having pain in his hands only in writing a page or two because the blood circulation is not done properly in the whole hand.

That’s why you move the whole arm while writing. With this, you can improve your handwriting. It is the fourth way on how to improve handwriting.

Stuff The Gap Between Two Words

tips to improve handwriting

These are very important. Whenever you write, keep the gap between two words the same. Not that there should be little or no gap.

Sometimes the meaning of the word changes due to the absence of a gap between two words. So you keep the gap between the two words equal to the thickness of your last finger. Handwriting will look good. It is the fifth way on how to improve handwriting.

Pay Special Attention To The Cleanliness Of The Page While Writing

tips to improve handwriting

Many students write a paragraph, cut out 5 words or overwrite it, which looks very dirty in appearance.

If you put a cut mark at four or five places on the entire page, then no matter how well you write, it gives a wrong impression. Therefore, if you pay attention to page cleanliness, then your handwriting will become good. It is the sixth way on how to improve handwriting.

Use Pencil More In Writing

tips to improve handwriting

Regardless of whether you are in any class, if you want to improve in writing, then write a couple of pages daily with a pencil. In all the good schools in today’s time, children up to class 5 write only with a pencil.

Because this is a scientific way to write good handwriting. While writing with a pencil, we cannot write as fast as writing with a ball pen or a gel pen. It is the seventh way on how to improve handwriting.

How To Improve Handwriting For Adults

  • Use a Nice Pen.
  • Maintain a Relaxed Grip.
  • Start with Drills.
  • Experiment with Paper Rotations.
  • Practice with a Worksheet.
  • Sneak in Practice When You Can.
  • Write on Lined Paper or Use a Template.
  • Embrace Your Personal Style.
  • Start by watching videos of master calligrapher Seb Lester
  • If you’re left-handed, get pens with fast-drying ink
  • Use the best grip that comfortable for you
  • Mimic handwriting on Instagram accounts

Conclusion (How To Improve Handwriting)

In this way, we have tried our best to explain all the methods of writing beautiful handwriting. We have told you in detail about all.

But everything depends on you. If you really want your handwriting to improve, people will appreciate you after seeing your writing, then you have to put some effort.

There is no need for much effort, just 1 to 2 months, if you follow the above-given suggestion, then your writing will become very good. This is our promise to you.

How To Improve Handwriting FAQs

Why is good handwriting important?

In exams and other public or competitive exams where essays are to be written, handwriting can play an important role. It also proves to be very helpful in getting you good marks, so if you want to score some good marks in your exams, then good handwriting is very important.

How to write well

Try to write naturally and clearly. Cleanliness, beauty, and the formation of curvy letters, writing leaving the quarter and keeping the distance between letters, words, and sentence to sentence is very important, that is, the writing should be beautiful and the spelling of words should be correct. The structure of the sentence should also be fine.

Why Is My Handwriting So Poor?

The most important reason for poor handwriting is speed. Because when we don’t have enough time, we write at speed. So if you want to improve your handwriting, then write slowly.

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