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19 Tips On How To Learn English

English comes third among the most spoken languages ​​in the world. Nowadays everyone should know how to speak and write in English because in today’s era the one who speaks English is given more importance.

Wherever you look, English is used more – in school, at the time of interview or while talking to a new person, one should know how to speak English. If we are not educated but if we know how to speak good English then it affects our qualification, he is considered as the best person.

In this blog, we will discuss about how to learn english. So, let’s get started.

How To Learn English

Here are some tips on how to learn english:

Don’t Pay Much Attention To Grammar To Learn English First

How to learn to speak English? Do not pay attention to grammar while speaking English because speaking grammar slows down your study and speaking style. If you have come to speak English once, then you can also learn by taking a book from the grammar market. It is the first tip on how to learn English.

Understand Spoken Sentences Well

Try to understand the meaning of each word in every sentence you speak. Many times it happens that they know the words but cannot make it in the sentence, so study the sentences daily. It is the second tip on how to learn English.

Use Words With a Tongue Twister To Learn English

The easiest way to speak English is to use words with tongue twister, speaking this word clears our tongue. By speaking such words, you speak English quickly, that too without stopping. The most important thing to speak English is to practice it daily. It is the third tip on how to learn English.

Try To Speak In English By Looking At The Picture

First of all look at any one picture or photo and then think about it in your mind. Try to speak your thoughts in English. There is no need to be afraid of making a mistake because every human being learns only when he makes a mistake. It is the fourth tip on how to learn English.

Group Discussion To Learn English

You will need friends to have a group discussion. In this, you will have to discuss any English topic. You will have to debate in English itself, this will give your speaking practice and will bring your confidence. It is the fifth tip on how to learn English.

Make It a Habit To Read English Newspaper Daily

Make a habit of reading English newspaper daily for 15 to 20 minutes, find my words mentioned in it and understand their meaning, then try to value those words. Whenever you speak any sentence, use those words only. This will make your English powerful. It is the sixth tip on how to learn English.

Always Try To Speak English In Mind

Whenever we sit, only then something goes on in our mind, only then we think in our language. Change this habit and start thinking in English. This will benefit you that you will be able to speak your idea well and will be able to explain it to the other person as well as your English will also become good. It is the seventh tip on how to learn English.

Use a Dictionary to Learn Basic English

When you do not understand the meaning of any word, then only search it in the dictionary. Take a dictionary in which the meaning of the word is given in both the languages your language and english. It is the eight tip on how to learn English.

Watch English Movie

Whenever we watch any movie, we listen well to the dialogues said along with watching the movie and try to speak those dialogues. In the same way if we want to learn English then start watching English movie and listen carefully to the dialogues or words spoken in it. At the time of starting, read the title of English language TV show or movie carefully.

Listen English Songs

Listen to English songs whenever you are free. Along with watching English movies, you can also listen to English songs. Understands the words spoken in the song. It will benefit you that you will also understand the song and will also be able to speak English.

Take Your Own Test Daily – By Writing On Paper And Recording Your Own Voice

Take your English speaking test daily, listen carefully to your voice recorder. When you speak in words pay attention to its pronunciation. By doing this you will know where you are going wrong.

Be Confident When Speaking English

If you are getting stuck while speaking English then it is because you do not have confidence. Always be confident while speaking English, talk to yourself in English to be confident. Stand in front of the mirror and talk, you will feel that someone is standing in front of you, this will increase your confidence level. Try slowly speaking your everyday words into English. With this you will learn to speak small words in English and your practice will also be done.

Make More Use Of Social Media

Today’s youth use social media the most. If you want to learn English faster, you can follow people who speak on social media and practice speaking by watching their YouTube social media.

Read Blog Written In English

In today’s time, the Internet is the most used, all types of information are available here. So you can read and search the block of your favorite on the internet and it will also help you.

  • Download the application in the phone to study English

You can download the application in your phone, inside it you can know how to speak different languages ​​in English. Whenever you hear a new word whose meaning you do not know, at the same time you can find its meaning by searching in the application.

Try To Speak English Without Fear

Whenever someone speaks English, he is afraid that if I am speaking wrong English. Don’t be afraid that I am speaking wrong English. If we speak English out of fear, then we can never learn, we always have this fear in our mind that I am speaking English wrong. Always try to speak English language without fear.

Learn English By Heart

Whatever work we do diligently, it is always successful, in the same way, speak the English language diligently. By speaking diligently, you will learn to speak English very quickly.

Learn English From Mobile

In today’s era, everyone has a smartphone. But you can also learn English language from your smartphone. For this, you have to go to the play store on your phone and search for English learning apps and download those apps on your smartphone. This will do two things, one will save your time, you will be able to learn English language easily from anywhere and at any time by opening the apps on your smartphone.

Learn Basic English

To learn basic English, you have to do your grammar well. You can speak good English only after the grammar is fine. The rules for the parts of speech are given in the grammar, using them you have to learn to make sentences.

Conclusion (How To Learn English)

In this blog, we have discussed about how to learn english. We hope you have understood easily. If you like our blog, then share it with your friends. If you have any querry about this blog, then you can comment us. We will reply you as soon as possible. You should also read about How To Concentrate On Study.

FAQs – How To Learn English

How to learn to speak English from home?

1. Don’t pay much attention to grammar to learn English first
2. understand spoken sentences well
3. Use words with a tongue twister to learn English
4. try to speak in english by looking at the picture
5. group discussion to learn english

How to learn English in 7 days?

Whenever we are sitting like this, only then something goes on in our mind, only then we think in Hindi. Change this habit and start thinking in English. How to learn to speak in English? This will benefit you that you will be able to speak your idea well and will be able to explain it to the other person as well as your English will also become good.

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