how to learn faster typing

How To Learn Faster Typing

How to learn faster typing? Do you want to learn typing, or want to increase your typing speed, then in this blog, we will help you a lot in increasing your typing speed.

Typing is an art that enhances your qualifications, no matter what field you want to get a job in, it always proves beneficial for you to come. Because typing is demanded as an essential skill in many jobs.

Anyway, why not only a job, but on the basis of typing, you can also do your own work, whether it is the work of data entry or teaching this skill to others.

So it means to say that there are many benefits of learning typing, and if you follow these methods and rules mentioned by us, then in a very short time you will also start typing very well, so now let’s know about how to learn faster typing.

How To Do Fast Typing (Top Online Tools)

If you do not want to install any software in your computer, and want to do typing online in your browser itself, then here I am telling you about 2 Best Online Typing Test Websites, with the help of which you can increase your typing speed. And you can also do fast typing.

Typing Test:

If you want to increase your typing speed, then this is the best site to do online typing test. Just simply you have to go to the site of,

After visiting the site,

  • You set the time according to it.
  • Choose any one option for typing, whatever you like.
  • Click on Start Typing Test.
  • Now here you can start your online typing test. And you can improve your typing speed.

If you do not like this site, then you can give your typing test on other website, both these websites are absolutely free.

Free Typing Game

If you find plain typing boring, then this site is absolutely best for you, because in this you can play typing games, which will increase your typing speed, and you will not feel boredom.

All you have to do is go to the site of simple

After coming to the site, you will get three options here.

  • Play Now
  • Learn Now
  • Test Now

If you want to improve your typing speed by playing the game, then click on Play Now.

Now a typing game will start in front of you, in which you will be entertained along with typing.

So, in this way you can increase your typing speed online. Hopefully now you know, how to increase online typing speed and how to do fast typing?

How To Increase Typing Speed ​​– How To Do Fast Typing (Offline Tools)

If you have a problem with Internet Connection, and you want to increase your typing speed offline, then you will find many typing software on the Internet, but here I am telling you about the best typing software.

Typing Master:

If you want to increase your typing speed by installing software in your computer offline, then Typing Master is one of the best & popular software, to increase your typing speed by doing typing test in your computer.

First of all, you have to download and install Typing Master software on your computer.

After installing the software, you have to open it and then there you will get to see many typing tests, you can start by choosing any according to you.

So, these were some of the Top Best Online or Offline Tools with the help of which you can increase your typing speed, hopefully now you have come to know how to learn faster typing? How to increase typing speed in your computer and how to do fast typing?

10 Tips On How To Learn Faster Typing

Set Keyboards

Think to yourself that you are 10, 12 years old and if you are given a keyboard in your hands, then you will be asked to type perfectly in normal keyboard, then you will not have any problem because that keyboard of your size is not there.

So no matter what your age, if the size of the keyboard is less or more than your hands, then you cannot set your fingers on the keyboard properly. So choose the right Shape and Size keyboard for best typing practice. It is the first tip on how to learn faster typing.

Do Not Press Back Key

These are the advanced tips to increase your typing speed in less time. Yes, the back key is the biggest obstacle in the way of fast typing, often when we start typing, we should not make mistakes somewhere, our attention is more towards it.

So to overcome this obstacle, you have to keep typing continuously, without pressing the Backspace key! And now once you finish your entire typing, you have to check your mistakes.

Friends, this has two advantages, firstly, if you repeatedly check the Backspace key while typing, it will break your typing flow. And you won’t be able to type fast even if you want to! Secondly, do not press the Backspace key that when you think, once you have done all the typing, carefully check all your words that there is no mistake and in this way you can also check your writing well. It is the second tip on how to learn faster typing.

Good Background Music

Music has nothing to do with typing! And playing music will not increase any of your typing speed. But a good background music will help to concentrate your attention and this is the reason why you can also play good background music in the background for good typing.

And you have to find yourself this background music which is best for your mood. It is the third tip on how to learn faster typing.


Yes! If you feel uncomfortable then you will not be able to do any work properly. But if you want to keep the typing speed good, then you have to sit in a comfortable position. So whenever you are typing make sure that you are sitting straight and your wrist is comfortable while typing in the keyboard.

Doing this will not only focus on your typing, but also you will be able to type without any hassle for a long time. It is the fourth tip on how to learn faster typing.

Don’t See Keyboard

Yes, once you have set your fingers on your keyboard, then there is no question of looking back, that means you have to continuously type in the keyboard and you have to do this till the day your typing speed is up to 70WPM. Don’t be

Yes, you have to focus on the screen instead of the keyboard! And once you do all the typing, you can check your mistakes later. It is the fifth tip on how to learn faster typing.

Coaching Center

By the way, you can do all these tips on your own computer while sitting at home! But still if you are not able to improve typing speed despite online learning, then in this situation you can join coaching center which will physically help you to learn typing. It is the sixth tip on how to learn faster typing.

Time Brake

This is a process, and it takes time. That’s why there is a break in between while typing, if you are working continuously for good typing speed for 2 hours then now is the time to give 15:20 minutes to your hands and mind! So this is also an important point to improve typing speed. It is the seventh tip on how to learn faster typing.

Set Your Typing Goal

To make your typing professional the best you have to aim for your typing speed! What typing speed do you want to reach? By doing this, you will continue to practice, keep on practicing even if you fail continuously and once you reach your set goal then your typing speed will be unmatched.

Although you do not have to set a big target in one go, you have to set small targets like 40wpm for the first time, and if you cross that target then 50wpm and thus your typing speed will be quite good one day Will go


If you have been practicing typing continuously for several days, then in between you have to test your typing once a week, it will be able to know how much your typing speed is getting better.

And to help you in this task, you will get many online and free typing software like Typing Master etc., so you must give typing test here too! And try to pass.


Now this is the last point which is simple, and you have to do this thing again and again. Mastering typing is not a work of a day or two! This also requires constant effort, only then a user is called a typing master.

Therefore, if you have also made up your mind to increase your typing speed, then it is important to practice again and again! You may not be able to do typing on your computer in a day or two or a month but one day with advance level speed.

Conclusion (How To Learn Faster Typing)

So guys these were some important typing tips. Hope these typing tips will help you to improve your typing! And you’ll really be able to become a Typing Master one day! Apart from this, if you have any question related to this article, then you can ask in the comment box. If you liked more information then do share on social media too. You should also read about how to write book.

FAQs Related To How To Learn Faster Typing

How can I teach myself to type?

To learn typing by yourself, keep in mind some important things like – 
1. whenever you start learning typing, then do not be in a hurry. 
2. Increase the typing speed only when your fingers get used to typing properly. 
3. Take your time and learn with a calm mind to avoid mistakes while typing. 
4. Always scan text a word or two in advance. Pass all typing lessons on Ratatype.

How to do typing on keyboard?

To type on the keyboard, start by placing the four fingers of your left hand on the A, S, D and F keys.

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