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Best 13 Tips On How To Write Book

Almost all people have a dream that their ideas or their creativity reach as many people as possible, and a very old and good way to reach them is by writing a book. So let’s know in detail about how to write book.

You must have also read many different books. Whether it is a book of poetry, a story, a novel, an informative book or a biography of someone. After reading these books, it may be that this desire will have arisen in your mind to write a book of your own, and the question will be roaming in your mind that how to write your book?

If you also want to write your own book, then definitely read this post completely. In this, the process from before writing the book to after writing the book has been told. If you follow the below mentioned steps properly, then you too will definitely be able to write a good book.

Write Your Book By Following These 13 Steps

Make it clear why you want to write the book.

You should be clear from the beginning why you want to write a book. That is, you should know the reason for writing your book very well.

Your main reason for writing a book could be one or more of the following:

  • To spread your thoughts and knowledge to as many people as possible
  • to earn money
  • You have a poem or story that you want to tell others
  • to share your experience
  • To establish your coin in any subject (authority)

Neither of these reasons is right or wrong. You just have to have a solid reason. This reason will give you energy throughout the journey of writing a book. It is the first tip on how to write book.

Choose a place to write a book

How to write book? Before that, decide where you will sit and write your book? This place can be your home, office or can be a coffee shop.

Most writers like a quiet place. They are able to write easily, while many writers enjoy writing in light noise.

Since most of the authors write their book from home, then if your intention is to write your book from home then keep the following things in mind:

  • If possible choose a separate room for yourself
  • Try that the place you choose should not be noisy or less
  • Keep a table and a curved chair in your room
  • Make sure your chair is comfortable
  • Always keep the place neat and clean
  • Write some inspirational quotes on the walls of your room

If you keep all these things in mind, then you will be very comfortable writing. It is the second tip on how to write book.

Arrange all the things that will come in handy while writing

Can you build a house without bricks, cement and sand? Maybe even build (a wooden house).

Now out of fun!

Basic things related to them are necessary to make anything. The same applies to writing a book. Many writing software are available for writing, but most writers first write on paper, then type in writing software.

The main reasons for writing on paper are that good ideas come during writing, they are able to write freely, there is less distraction, and the eyes get rest.

While writing on paper, you may need the following things:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • rubber
  • cutter (sharpener)
  • paper clip
  • watch
  • pencil holder
  • stapler
  • high lighter, etc.

Since you have to send your book to the publisher in a Word file, you will have to type it in the writing software after writing it on the paper. 

There are many free and paid writing software available online, the main ones being:

  • Google Docs
  • Scrivener
  • Microsoft Word

To use the writing software, you must have a computer, laptop or at least a smartphone. It is the third tip on how to write book.

Set a Time to Write

It is easy to do any work by making it a routine. With this your mind is already ready to do that work. You are able to concentrate more on your work.

Set a time for writing according to your convenience, and try to sit at the same time every day. By doing this, this process will gradually become your habit and it will become easier for you to write.

Many people say that they do not get time to write, they are busy throughout the day. If you also have this problem, then look at your entire day’s program thoroughly. Leave those things which are not very important in your daily routine or give them less time. It is the fourth tip on how to write book.

Do research related to the topic of the book

Whether you are writing fiction (story, novel) or nonfiction (guide, experience), you should do research related to it before writing both types of books.

By putting the right data, facts, historical events and names of new things in your book, you can make it lively and believable.

Apart from this, find out which best seller books related to your subject are available in the market. You try to write in a different and better way than them. It is the fifth tip on how to write book.

Create the Outline

Now in fact it comes on how to write book? From here the writing begins.

Just like when you intend to do something big, you plan before that. For example, which of these things have to be done first, which is to be done later, etc. Similarly, before writing a book, you have to prepare the outline of your book.

In the outline, you have to write how many chapters you will keep in your book, what will be the sequence of these chapters, and what will be mentioned. A well made outline clears the way for your writing, That is, what you have to write in your book, you know it thickly. It is the sixth tip on how to write book.

Get off to a good start

You must have heard this famous line in English that

These things apply here as well. The beginning of your book should be great.

The beginning of your book should be such that it compels the reader to read further, not so that the reader gets bored in the beginning and does not read further.

Most of the writers start their book with a startling sentence, which makes the reader curious to know its truth and he reads the whole book. It is the seveth tip on how to write book.

Write With Your Reader In Mind

Just as the success of any product depends on how satisfied its users are with it. Similarly, the success of a book is measured by the satisfaction of its readers.

Your readers will be satisfied with your book only when you write your book by looking at them from their perspective. Will write keeping in mind their likes and dislikes. It is the eight tip on how to write book.

Write in your voice

Everyone has their own style of writing. You write in your own style. Do not copy anyone and always remember that,

Yes, you read the book of another author related to your subject to increase inspiration and knowledge, but do not read the book of the same subject only. Only by reading a book on that subject, there is a possibility that it will be reflected in your book as well. It is the ninth tip on how to write book.

Don’t deviate from the issue

The outline of your book that you had made in the 6th step will keep you tied to the subject of the book to a great extent. Will not deviate from the topic.

Nevertheless, some writers (especially new writers) while writing get engrossed in feelings about one event, and go beyond the topic of the book to describe another event in detail.

Like the first world war is being mentioned in your book. So refer to it from the perspective of the subject of your book and explain the incident as much as is necessary.

Explaining other incidents in detail will make your book unnecessarily lengthy and may also reduce the reader’s curiosity to read further while reading. It is the tenth tip on how to write book.

Write without worrying about editing

Writing and editing are two different jobs. If you do both together then you will get upset and your writing speed will also slow down.

Some writers want their article to be perfect from the beginning, there should be no mistake of any kind. This is almost impossible.

Do you think more than now that it’s very good? Just go on writing whatever thoughts are coming in your mind related to your book, without worrying about editing it. Edit it later.

The ending should also be great

Just as you had a great start to your book, so should the ending be great.

End your book in such a way that the message or story you wanted to convey to your reader could be conveyed well. Lest the readers feel cheated by reading your entire book. Avoid the rush to complete the book early.


Now your book is complete, but don’t want to think about how to get the book published? You must edit your book before publishing the book.

When editing, keep the following points in mind:

  • correct a spelling mistake
  • correct grammar mistake
  • Write suitable word instead of awkward word
  • Eliminate extraneous words from your sentence. Like he thought in his mind (so where else will brother think)

If you are having trouble editing on your own, then hire a good editor. Many times people do not find mistakes in their article but the editor removes the mistake.

Yes, and don’t forget to format your book well after editing.

Conclusion (How To Write Book)

Hopefully now you must have come to know very well how to write book? If you have any questions related to writing a book, then please ask in the comments. Those who want to write their own book, must share this post with them. Also read tips for how to study.

FAQ Related To How To Write Book

Can I actually write a book?

The answer is that yes, anyone can write a book. You don’t need to be an expert, or even particularly eloquent. All you need is access to a computer and a little bit of determination.

What makes a book good?

Good books are filled with sharp, memorable dialogue. Bestsellers contain dialogue that advances the plot, demonstrates your characters’ personalities, and adds texture to the world of your story.

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