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MS Word Page Layout Tab – Page Layout Tab Complete Details

MS Word Page Layout Tab – Whenever it comes to any word processing software, the name of MS Word is definitely there, it is a very popular software, which is used in many places, so it should be learned by everyone.

That’s why we are writing some blog on this, in which we explain its Options Tabs in detail, till now we have told about MS word Home Tab and MS word Insert Tab and today we will tell you about MS word Page Layout Tab.

What Is Page Layout?

Page layout means that how we want to show the elements of every page of our document, that is, how the pages of our document should appear, we can design all the pages the same and

Or you can also design each page according to your need in different ways, in the page layout tab of MS Word, we get some similar options, by which we can change the design of the pages of our document.


With the MS word page layout tab, you can make your documents look attractive and beautiful, with the MS word page layout tab, you can set the margins of the pages of your documents, with the help of this tab, you can set any margin in your document. With this you can set up the pages of your document, change its size and also change its color.

This was the basic information about MS word page layout tab, now let us know about its sections in detail.

How To Access MS Word Page Layout Tab?

To access MS Word Page Layout Tab, you can either open MS Word and directly click on the MS word Page Layout Tab with the help of the mouse or you can also use this tab by using Alt + P shortcut in MS Word. can access.

MS Word Page Layout Tab Section

In Ms word page layout tab we get to see 5 sections -:

  • Themes
  • Page Setup
  • Page Background
  • Paragraph
  • Arrange

Let us now know the options of these sections in detail.


In this we get to see 4 options -:

Themes-: In this option, you get to see many themes, which you can use in your document, if you have made a simple document, then you may not understand the difference of this option, but if you have a lot If you have used all the headings then you will be able to understand the use of this option.

Colors-: It is used with themes only, if you have applied any theme and you do not like only colors of that theme then you can use this option, in this you will get default options of many colors. will meet.

Fonts-: If you do not like the font of any theme, then you can use this option to change only the font of that theme, you will also find many fonts inside it and you can use your favorite font from it. can do

Effects-: In this you will get to see many effects related to the theme itself, which you can use according to your own.

Page Setup

In this we get to see 7 options -:

Margins-: With the help of this option, you can decide the margin of the page as to how much it should be, margin means the space which is on both sides of the page that means when you write in MS word then your written word is exactly will not come from one side of the page, but there will be a little space before it, similarly when that line ends, it will not end at the other side of the page, there will also be a little space, this is called margin, if If you still do not understand, then you use this option once, you will understand it.

Orientation-: With Orientation, you can decide whether your page will be in Portrait or in Landscape, in Portrait the length of the page is more and the width is less, whereas in the landscape it is the opposite, that is, the width is more and the length is less.

Size-: Inside this you will already find the default size of the page, which you must use when you want to print your document, then according to the page on which you want to print your document. Adjust the page size of your document, this will print your page well, although most of us print these documents on A4 page.

Columns-: You must know the meaning of Columns, with the help of this option, you can do your written content in lines, that is, the content of the same page will be shown on the same page but in the lines, meaning some content In one line and the rest in the other line or as many lines as the option you have clicked.

Breaks-: With this option, you can decide where your page will end and where will the second page start, in the same way you can also put section breaks on the same page and likewise you have to see other options in it. See you.

Line Numbers-: With the help of this option, you can give number to each line whatever you have written in the document, that is, all the lines you have written, the number will be written in front of them, you will get the number related to this. Some options are also available to be seen.

Hyphenation-: You will be able to understand this option in this way, when we are writing something in English on a paper and some long word comes and it is not able to come in that line on that page, then we win the letter that If you are able to write in that line of the word, then write it and write the rest of the letters by putting a dash (-) in the line below it, which is a dash (-), it is called Hyphenation and This option also has a similar function, this option also writes a word in the next line by putting a hyphen in it, if it is not complete in the line.

Page Background

In this we get to see 3 options -:

Watermark -: With the help of this option, you can put any other text or people behind the text of your document, that is, it will be on the text or logo page and above it will be the content of your document, it is a sign of a way that it Whose document is it originally, so that no one can steal it.

Page Color -: You must have understood its use, with the help of this you can change the color of the page of your document.

Page Borders -: With the help of this, you can make a border around your page, that is, you can make lines around the page, in this also you get to see some effects, which you can choose according to your own.


In this we get to see 2 options -:

Indent-: With the help of this option, you can increase or decrease the margin of any line, margin, we told you above what it is.

Spacing-: With the help of this, you can increase or decrease the spacing between paragraphs, in this you get 2 options, before and after, in the before where you can adjust the spacing of the paragraph above the point where your pointer is. Yes and after that the one below that.


You may not find this option on, because these options are used to adjust a shape or arts or picture, so to use them you must have such an object in your document, in this we see 7 options Is-:

Position-: With the help of this option, you can decide the position of the object, where it should be on the page, in this we get to see many options.

Bring to Front-: If you have many objects in the same place in your document, then with the help of this option you can bring an object above another object or if an object is behind the text then bring it ahead of the text. can come.

Send to Back-: The work of this option is completely different from the Bring to Front option, with the help of this you can send an object behind another object or text.

Text Wrapping-: With the help of this option, you can arrange the object with the text in a better way.

Align-: With the help of this option, you can align the object whether to keep the object on top or bottom and or left, right and or else to keep it in the center.

Group-: If you have more than one object in your document, you can select them and create a group of them, which makes it easy to move them and if you want to change anything else in them.

Rotate-: With the help of this option, you can rotate the object and or you can flip it.

Conclusion (MS Word Page Layout Tab)

So today we gave you information about the MS word page layout tab, we tried our best to provide you the best information in the simplest language, we hope that you would have liked our effort.

If you liked this blog, then must share it, if you want to give any suggestion to us and or you have any question related to this, then you tell us by writing in the comments, we will definitely reply to it.

FAQs (MS Word Page Layout Tab)

What is page layout?

Page layout simply means the settings of your page, that is, what do you want to change in your page, that is, how do you want to show your page, what do you want to change in its design, all these things page layout Comes in.

What is page size?

Page size is called the size of the page on which you want to print your document, like the most commonly used page is A4 page, most documents are printed on A4 page itself, MS Word We already get 8.5 x 11 inches page select, which you can change later.

What is page formatting?

Page formatting refers to the page layout itself, the elements of the page in which we can change such as page margin, page orientation, page theme, etc. Many features are available to see.

What is the page margin?

The distance between the text of the page from one side of the page is called page margin, the page margin we already get in MS Word is 1 inch but you can change it according to your need, related to this MS Word also gives you the option.

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