Amazing Tips For 9 Band IELTS Listening

Preparation Before the Test

You need to be well-prepared before the exam. For your preparation, you don't have to rely solely on one thing.

Go Beyond Preparation

You must go above and beyond the bare minimum in your IELTS preparation.

Challenges You will Face

There are several difficulties in the IELTS hearing test, and you can experience one of them as well.

Know the Test

Each listening portion is designed to assess various talents from you. so you have to know the all section well.

Use of Distractors

The distractions are used to make sure you listen to the entire conversation and to gauge your level of focus.

Listen to Various Types of Audios

Listen to speeches, the BBC, TED Talks, and other audio content to help you get past your accent and language barriers.

Improve Your Concentration

We advise beginning with shorter audio files before moving on to longer ones.

Learn to Multitask

It's not as simple as it seems to read the question, hear the response, and write down the right response all at once.

Practice with Timed Tests

At first, practising each component separately is beneficial, but the mental strain of completing the entire test can wear you out.