8 Highest-Paying Cybersecurity Jobs

Bug Bounty Specialist

You may have seen reports that certain freelance hackers can earn a cool $500,000 or more by beating cybercriminals at their own game.

Chief Information Security Officer

This is the executive chiefly responsible for an organization’s information and data security; and the bigger the organization, the bigger the paycheck

Lead Software Security Engineer

This is described as a job for top coders and programmers with leadership skills, “a rare breed,

Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

Cybersecurity is not just about tech wizards minimizing attack surfaces and fending off hackers

Cybersecurity Architect

An information security or cybersecurity architect earns an average of $140,820, according to the InfoSec Institute

Cybersecurity Manager/Administrator

Also known as information security managers and information systems security managers

Penetration Tester

The professionals performing this critical job are often called “ethical hackers.”

Information Security Analyst

This job is listed as #4 among Best Technology Jobs and #40 overall by U.S. News & World Report