R Programming Language

What is R?

R is a language and environment for visual design and statistical computing.

What is R?

It is a GNU project that is comparable to the S language and environment that John Chambers and colleagues created at Bell Laboratories (previously AT&T, now Lucent Technologies).

Features of R Programming

Let's examine R's incredible capabilities and how they can assist you in learning data science and developing into a data scientist.


R is a free and open-source software programme. It is free and can be customised and altered to meet the needs of the user and the project.

Strong Graphical Capabilities

R includes enhanced libraries that enable interactive graphic capabilities in addition to the ability to make static graphics with production-quality visualisations.

Highly Active Community

A growing number of R users support the open-source library that it has.

Comprehensive Environment

R has a fairly robust development environment, making it useful for both software and statistical computation.

Distributed Computing

In distributed computing, jobs are divided over a number of processing nodes to speed up and reduce processing time.

Interfacing with Databases

Numerous packages in R, including Roracle, Open Database Connectivity Protocol, RmySQL, and others, allow it to communicate with databases.