Tips To Study Smarter Not Harder

Reading is not studying

Reading texts or notes repeatedly is not considered to be actively participating in the subject. It's just reading your notes again.

Understand the Study Cycle

Frank Christ's Study Cycle delineates the several components of studying: previewing, attending class, reviewing, studying, and assessing your learning.

Spacing out is good

"Distributed practice"—spacing out your study over several days in brief bursts—is one of the most effective learning techniques.

It’s good to be intense

Studying hard will help you achieve more. Intensive study sessions are brief and will help you finish your work quickly and efficiently.

Silence isn’t golden

It might not be best for you to be alone in a library. It's crucial to think about what level of noise suits you the best.

Problems are your friend

For technical courses, solving problems repeatedly is crucial (e.g., math, economics).