Top 10 jobs for Computer Science majors

Software Developer

Software Developers are tasked with creating and developing websites, programs, and other applications

Web Developer

Web Developers are programmers that are concentrated on coding, designing, and building out the layout of a website.

UX Designer

UX Designers are in charge of creating significant and relevant experiences for users of a particular product or platform. 

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developers are similar to Web Developers, except their area of expertise is creating, coding

IT Project Manager

IT Project Managers are in charge of planning, budgeting, and basically running an organization’s IT goals and initiatives.

Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts are in charge of implementing systems of safety and protecting a company’s computer networks. 

Systems Architect

Systems Architects analyze a company holistically and figure out how to bring the best possible IT strategy

AI Engineer

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engineers create, test, and develop computer systems

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers are responsible for designing, researching, developing, and building computer systems

Video Game Developer

These developers are the coding heroes behind the games you play in your free time.