What is C++ used for?

Operating systems

From MacOS and Windows to mobile operating systems like iOS, c++ is a crucial component of well-known operating systems.

Game development

One of the most popular programming languages for creating video games is C++.

IoT devices

Devices included in the IoT (Internet of Things) contain embedded systems that frequently use C++.


Popular database technologies like MySQL and MongoDB are created using C++.

Web browsers

Web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera all use C++.

Machine learning tools

TensorFlow and other machine learning systems depend on C++ as their back-end programming language.

AR/VR applications

Applications for virtual reality and augmented reality are frequently created in C++.

Scientific research

From high-energy particle physics to space exploration, C++ is widely used in scientific research.

Financial tools

The software backbone of many banks and financial institutions, which drives apps for trading and banking, is built in C++.