What is Python used for?

Data analysis and machine learning

Data scientists and other professionals can use Python to conduct intricate statistical computations, provide data visualisations, and perform a variety of other tasks.

Web development

Python is frequently used to create a website's or application's back end—the portions that users don't see.

Automation or scripting

Python can be used to automate tasks that you frequently undertake to increase productivity.

Software testing and prototyping

Python can help with activities like build control, issue tracking, and testing in software development. Software engineers can automate testing for new features or products using Python.

Why is Python so popular?

It is simpler to read and understand because of its straightforward grammar, which mimics natural English. Project development and improvement are sped up as a result.

Why is Python so popular?

It is adaptable. Python can be used for a wide range of projects, including machine learning and web development.

Why is Python so popular?

Being open source, it can be used and distributed without charge, even for profit.