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What is Coding And How To Learn Coding?

What is coding? Friends, in today’s time many people have the best smartphone. And they also search about many things. And I know that you too must have run many websites on your smartphone. So friends, do you know how the website we search is made?

This website and software are made from coding, which can only be created and understood by a developer.

Nowadays everyone likes to run computer and mobile and everyone wants to move with the times nowadays. If you want to learn computer programs, mobile apps, websites, games or software then you have to learn programming languages. If you have good knowledge of programming languages then you can become a good programmer.

Whatever computer, mobile and different smart devices we use, all are made with the help of programming. If we talk about a programmer, then he makes the program by working hard. We cannot create any website or software without programming. So let’s know what is coding and how can we learn it.

What is coding?

What is Coding? Coding is also called programming. Any work we do on the computer is done through coding. Through coding or programming, the computer is told everything that it has to do. This means that the language that the computer understands is called coding.

If you know coding or programming language then you can easily create any website or app. Apart from these things, many things are also done in coding languages like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics.

When we use computers, then we do not see coding or programming. We only see what we use. There is a front end and back-end in coding and programming. Because of which we can use computers and smartphones.

There are many languages ​​of coding or programming. Some coding languages are used for web development and some coding languages are used for app development. Which cannot be done without knowledge. If you want to do programming or coding, then it is very important for you to have a good knowledge of it. Now you must have come to know about what is coding.

Coding language which is used more

  • C-Language
  • C++
  • Java Script
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JAVA

C language

C language is a general purpose programming language. Which is used by developers to build applications. Through this programming language, we can create many types of software ranging from operating systems like Windows or iOS. It is also a machine independent structured programming language. Which means that C language programs can run on many types of computers.


C++ which is also pronounced as C plus plus. C plus plus programming language originated from the C language. So the syntax of C plus plus is very similar to that of C, but C++ language also has object-oriented features. Which allows the programmer to create objects, that too within the code.

Programming becomes easy by using C++ programming. The developer also enjoys doing more efficient coding. Most software programs today are written in C++ language because of its high power and flexibility.

Java Script

Javascript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is an interpreted/oriented language. Javascript also wants to be known as client side / server side. Due to which a dynamic web page is created. This web technology is 3 layers of standard cake.


The full form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. It is a computer language that developers use to make websites. And CSS is used to give colour to it.

This language is very easy as compared to other languages. Any person can learn this language easily and that too in a lot of work time.


The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheet. HTML and CSS play a big role when a web page is created. With the help of HTML, a web page comes and with the help of CSS that webpage gets a new attractive look. HTML and CSS are always used together for a webpage. Without CSS we can use HTML but without HTML we cannot use CSS.


The full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP language is the only open source scripting language in the world. You can also call it a scripting language. PHP language is used for website designing.


MySQL is a fast, easy to use relational database. It is currently the most popular open-source database. MySQL language is usually used in the form of a PHP script to create powerful and dynamic server-side applications. MySQL is used for small and large businesses. It is developed, marketed and supported by MySQL AB, a Swedish company, it is written in C and C plus plus.


Java is a general purpose programming language. They are used for software and application development. Java is a high-level programming language. It was started by Sun-Micro Systems in 1995.


 Python is an object-oriented, high level programming language. Which is used in tasks like developer app development, website building, machine learning, data analysis, web scraping and natural language processing. Python is also called General Purpose Programming Language. Now you must have come to know about What is coding and its language.

How To Learn Coding Language?

You would have come to know what coding is? If you want to learn coding now, then we will tell you how you can learn coding.

 If you want to learn coding, then you have to start with the basic things first. If you think that to do coding or programming you must have a degree in software engineering, then it is not so at all. You can learn programming even if you do not have a degree in software engineering. Now you must have come to know about what is coding.

Coding or programming

If you want to learn coding or programming, then you do not need to work hard, to do coding, you just have to do it according to your mind and by practising everyday, you will become an expert in it one day. By the way, you know that if we want to learn anything, then for that we have to practise well with our heart, without practice, nothing can be learned. It is the same in coding, if you want to learn coding, then you will have to work on it everyday.

How To Learn Offline Coding?

What is coding? To learn offline coding, you will have to take coaching from some good place where coding or programming is taught, before going to the coaching centre, you have to do a little inquiry about that centre so that your money is not wasted because some coaching centres are not good. They tell very few things from which no one can learn coding. And apart from this, you can also learn from coding books. Apart from this, you can also take help from any of your friends who know how to do coding.

How To Learn Online Coding?

If you want to learn coding online, then there are many websites available on the internet from which you can learn coding. In some websites you can learn coding for free and there are many websites in which you have to pay. e.g. www.tutorialspoint.com

Some Websites to Learn Coding

To learn coding, you have been told some websites below where you can learn coding:

If you want to learn coding from youtube, then there are many channels on youtube where you can learn coding

Which Laptop To Take To Learn Coding?

If you want to learn C language, then you can take any laptop, even if the laptop is of 2GB RAM, it will work. But if you buy a new laptop, then for work you should take a laptop with i3 processor and its RAM should be 4gb or 8gb and it should also have an SSD. Due to which you will not have any problem in learning coding.

Benefits of Coding

When you learn coding, after that you can do many things in coding. So let’s know the benefits of learning coding:

  • Learning Coding is the most important thing in today’s thread. Coding is a skill where there is still a lot of demand.
  • In this, there are many job opportunities for a coder / computer programmer, the programmer can earn a lot of money from his skills.
  •  With the help of coding, you can create websites, applications and video games.
  • Coding requires logical thinking, you have to feed the computer step-by-step commands.

Which Coding Language Is Used For Which Technology?

What is Coding? Many people get confused when they learn coding in the beginning. They know the name of the language but they do not know which language they can use for what.

So if you want to learn programming then it is very important for you to know which language is used for which technology.

Technologies Coding languages 
Web designing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQUERY
Web development PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA EE, DJANGO
Mobile apps SWIFT, JAVA, C#, KOTLIN
Embedded systemsC, C++, ASSEMBLY 

Conclusion (What is Coding?)

 In this blog, we have given you all the information related to what is coding and how to learn coding. Whether you study in any class or study any subject. If you want to learn coding then you can learn to code at any age and in any class. We hope you have understood easily about what is coding. if you like our blog then share it with your friends.

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FAQs (What is Coding?)

What else is needed to learn coding?

To learn coding, you must have a laptop or computer.

What is the use of coding?

Coding is used to create software and apps.

What is a Coding Course?

In the coding course, you have been taught coding or programming. After which you can create any software or app.

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