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What Is Microsoft Access? Complete Information About MS Access

What Is Microsoft Access? Microsoft Access is a database management system software that has been created by Microsoft, using this we can create a database or manage an already created database with its help.

With the help of this, we can create different types of reports, we can analyze that different data.


Now we told you above that what is Microsoft Access is a database management system software, but the question may come in your mind that what is this database management system software,

So Database Management System software is called the software that acts as an interface between the user and the database, the user means the one who is using that software and Database means the data that is stored in our computer and which we can manage easily and interface means that which connects these two together, by connecting means by which the user can access that data. be able to access.

What are the features of MS Access?

What Is Microsoft Access? There are many features of Microsoft Access, in its menu bar we get to see 4 options and then we get to see more options related to each option in Ribbon.

There are 4 features in MS Access 2007, which are its main features and almost the same are used in the new version of MS Access, that option is -:

  • Home
  • Create
  • External Data
  • Database Tools


Inside Home, we get to see some options just like MS Word, like in this also we can change the font of the text, change their size etc.,

But apart from this, we get the option of a view from which we can see our database in different ways such as Form View, Layout View and Design View, apart from this you can add new records or delete it. Is,

Apart from this, you get the same MS word features like Sort & Filter and Find and Replace options.


After this we get to see the option of Create, using this we can add tables to our database, we can also decide the design of the table, we also get some table templates,

For example, you get to see the templates like contacts, tasks, events etc. Apart from this, you get the options of forms, in the forum you get to see the options like form, spill form, multiple form,

Apart from this, you also get the option of reports in it, which you can use.

External Data

If you have to import data from outside in your database, then you can do that, you can also import Access data in it or you can also import data from MS Excel,

Along with this, you can also import any text file or xml file, you can also export the data using this option, apart from this you get a section named collect data in it,

Apart from this, you get a section of a SharePoint list, in both you get to see different features.

Database Tools

Inside this option you will find different sections named Macro, show/hide, analyze, move data and database tools and in each section you will find many options,

Which you can use, when you start using all these on your data, then gradually you will start to understand the meaning of these options,

But this will not happen in a day, for this you have to keep practicing.

Table Tools

This is a separate option, it can be used when you create a table, in which different options related to the table are given such as View, Field & Columns, Data Type & Formatting and Relationships.

You can make a table and use all these options in the data inside it, in Views you will get to see some different views and in field & columns you can add or edit a new field or column,

Similarly, the rest of the options also have some uses.

Uses of MS Access

There are many experiments in different areas of MS Access and we are going to do some of them here-:


MS Access is used in many offices, because we have to work with a lot of data in the offices and MS Access gives us many such features from which we can work very easily with a lot of data.


MS Access can also be used in schools, by this a schedule can be made for teachers, with this data on the attendance of teachers can be maintained, at the same time class schedule can be made for students and their Data of attendance can also be kept.


It can also be used in business, with this you can manage the data of your employees, what is their personal information, their salary and their posts, you can keep all this data and with this you can keep your business report. You can also make how much profit or loss you are getting.


MS Access can also be used in a big organization, because the bigger the organization, the more data it will have to manage, so in such a situation, MS Access is very useful and MS Access is such a thing that everyone should learn. It is necessary, because due to its demand in large places, its job opportunity also increases.

CONCLUSION (What Is Microsoft Access?)

In today’s blog, we gave you information about what is Microsoft Access, we tried our best not to get confused and understand it well, if you liked this effort of ours,

So share this blog, if you have found any deficiency in this article or you have any suggestion for us so that we can improve our content, then definitely tell us by writing in the comments, We hope you have understood our blog about what is Microsoft accesso.

We will definitely give your reply, if any question comes in your mind even after this blog, then you can also ask us, we will try our best to answer it.

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FAQs (What Is Microsoft Access?)

What is Microsoft Access used for?

Microsoft Access is a popular information management tool that helps you store all kinds of information for reporting, analysis, and reference.

Is Microsoft Access SQL?

SQL is a computer language for working with sets of facts and the relationships between them. Relational database programs, such as Microsoft Office Access, use SQL to work with data.

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