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What is MS EXCEL? – MS EXCEL complete details

What is MS EXCEL? In any business, whether small or big, we have a lot of data which we have to keep well organised, this helps a person to understand his business, MS Excel means Microsoft Excel, we have such a facility. Provides, by which we can arrange such data well and keep it,

In short words, what is MS Excel? So this is a spreadsheet program, which has been created by Microsoft. There are some cells inside it, in which we can arrange our data and keep formatting it as well.

We have tried to talk about what is MS Excel in fewer words here, some people may not understand it well, so let us now know about MS Excel in detail.

What is MS EXCEL?

What is MS EXCEL? We told you above that MS Excel is a spreadsheet program, but now you must be wondering what is the meaning of a spreadsheet program,

A spreadsheet program is a program in which there are many cells consisting of many rows and columns, cells are called small boxes,

As you can see in the screenshot of MS Excel shown below, data is filled inside these cells, In which we can arrange it well.  we can also format that data with the same, format means if we say in simple words.

Deciding what the data will look like, what will be the colour of the cell, what will be the colour of the text, etc., this helps a lot in arranging the data,

MS Excel is a spreadsheet program, so we can do all this in it. Apart from this, MS Excel also gives us more features which we will talk about below. now you have understood about what is ms excel not learn the features of MS excel.

Features of MS EXCEL

We have learned that what is Ms Excel? But the question comes that why does it matter so much, what features does it give i.e. what are its features,

If you look carefully at the screenshot we have shown above, above we have highlighted a section called a menu bar,

Those are the features of MS Excel, as you will click on them, the options bar below them, which says ribbon, keeps changing.

So let us now give you some information about their features one by one-:


First comes Home, inside it you will find almost all the features related to text formatting, inside it you can change the colour of the text inside your selected cells,

You can change the colour of those cells, if you want to add a new cell then you can also do that from inside Home.


After that comes the insert, it is known from the name itself, if you want to add something new then you can use it,

With this you can add a table, add a photo or add a shape inside your file, along with it gives you the option to add charts and links.

Page Layout

After this comes the page layout, with this you can show your entire page very well, if you want to share your data with anyone,

You get themes inside it, you may find it difficult in the beginning to understand the themes, but you first put some data well in Excel, after that try it,

Along with this, you get options to set up the page, such as how the orientation of the page or how much margin will be on both sides of the page, what will happen in the background of the page, etc.


This is a very special feature of MS Excel, due to which Excel is used so much, with the help of this you can use formulas in your data,

In this we get the option of an Insert Function, inside which we can put formulas like Sum, Average, after that we get to see a function library,

In which many formulas like Autosum, Financial, Logical, Date & Time etc. are well arranged and shown, so that they can be used easily.


If you have to add any other data from outside with your data, then you can do that with the help of this feature, there are many options available to bring the data,

Apart from this, you also get to see many data tools, which you can use, along with it there is a sort & filter option, so that you can arrange how you want to see your data.

You have to see it in ascending order or in decreasing order, with this you can also arrange data according to alphabets.


When you have added all your data and if you want to check now that there is no spelling mistake in the data you have added.

Or if you want to get more information about a specific word, then you can do that in the review, along with this it also gives you the option to add a comment,

If you have to give any information about a cell, then you can give that information by adding a comment.


When you have completed your complete data and now you want to analyse it well and or you want to analyse your incomplete data,

So you can do with this option, you can see your data in a different way, you can zoom in to see it, you can remove the lines in the middle,

Along with this, there is an option of macro in it, from which you can record some of your functions.

What is the use of MS EXCEL?

  • In this you can do data entry
  • In this you can analyse the data
  • In this you can show the data well with the help of chart.
  • In this you can do accounting related work.
  • With this you can analyze the profit and loss of your business.
  • With the help of its formulas, you can do calculations inside the data.

things you can do with the help of MS Excel, apart from this MS Excel is also useful in many other places, but it is not possible for us to tell each and every one of its advantages.

Which is the latest version of MS EXCEL?

It has been updated many times since the first version of MS Excel came out in 1985 and at present the latest version of MS Excel is Microsoft Excel 2019 16.0.6742.2048.

This is the latest version of Microsoft Excel at this time on June 1, 2021, we have given this information to you after searching many places and we could not find the new version anywhere.

How to Create MS EXCEL Sheet?

To create a MS Excel sheet, first open MS Excel, then you can start creating your sheet if you want.

Or you can open an old sheet by pressing CTRL + O, after that you enter your data,

After that, according to your need, do the formatting of the data using the above given features like Home, Insert etc.

When you feel that your sheet is ready, then save it by pressing CTRL + S, by the way, save it as soon as you create a new file and

Then when you are working in it, keep saving it after a while, due to this if your computer is turned off due to any reason then your data will be saved.


In today’s blog, we have given you information on what is MS Excel. We have tried our best to give you the best information in the simplest language possible about what is MS excel.

If you liked this effort of ours and you found this blog really beneficial, then share it with any of your parents,

If you have found any deficiency in the blog or you have any suggestion, then definitely tell us by writing in the comments.

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FAQs (What Is MS Excel)

What are the 3 common uses for Excel?

Uses of MS Excel
1. Data Entry and Storage.
2. Performing Calculations.
3. Data Analysis and Interpretation.
4. Reporting and Visualizations.
5. Accounting and Budgeting.

What are the main features of MS Excel?

1 – You Can Insert a New Worksheets at Will.
2 – Time Saving Shortcut Keys.
3 – Get Quick Sum of Numbers.
4 – Filtering Data.
5 – Paste Special Feature.

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