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WHAT IS MS POWERPOINT? MS PowerPoint whose full name is Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program, it is used to create different presentations,

Inside this we can create different slides and edit each slide separately and we can make a presentation from these different slides.

In today’s blog, we will tell you about MS PowerPoint, what are its features, what is a slide and how can we make a presentation in it.

And we know that this is a presentation program, but what is a presentation program?


WHAT IS MS POWERPOINT Presentation program is a kind of software in which we use many tools like graphics, video, photo, animation etc.

We create a kind of images which are usually called slides and by putting all these slides together we make a presentation, Just like we make a slideshow of our photos in our mobile, but in these software we get full control over our slides, Which helps us to present our presentation in front of someone else.

What is SLIDE?

What is MS PowerPoint? We used the word slide above, but what is it? So when we make a presentation in a presentation program, many pages are used in it,

So the pages that are there, each page of that page is called a slide, work is also done with these slides inside PowerPoint,

After opening PowerPoint, we get to see slides on the left side and it is called slide bar,

From this we get to know which slide we are working on at this time.


What is MS PowerPoint? We get many features in Microsoft PowerPoint, we have 7 options in the menu bar and for each option, many more options are seen in the ribbon below,

Features of MS PowerPoint -:

  • Home
  • Insert
  • Design
  • Animations
  • Slideshow
  • Review
  • View

Now let’s know a little about all this so that when you start learning it, you do not have much confusion.


As soon as you click on Home, in Ribbon you will get to see the same basic copy, paste options at the beginning, which you must use and see,

After this you get the option of slides, this option is very important, you can add a new slide, you can also decide what kind of slide will be, 

You can also delete the slide and if you have reduced the size of any text or image in the slide and or still changed its location.

So you can also reset it, apart from this you also get the option to change the font and so on.


After this comes Insert, the option you get to see in it in Insert is almost the same option as you get to see in MS Word and MS Excel, is you want to know about what is MS excel, then you can read our blog.

In this, you can put an image inside your presentation slide, you can put any clipart, you can also put a chart,

With this, you get the option of text in it, from which you can add text box or you can add header and footer to the slide,

With this, you can also put any video and sound in your presentation with this option.


With this option, you can make your presentation attractive, in this you will first get the option to setup the page,

From which you can decide the size of the presentation and its orientation, what kind it should be,

After this, you get to see many themes, which you can make your presentation beautiful, if you want to change any color in the theme, then you also get the option of it.

You can also put an image in the background with these features or you can also put the already given background in your presentation.


Animation works as it is named, with this option we can add animation between 2 slides, due to which our presentation looks quite smooth,

Inside this you get to see many animations, which you can add according to your need, you can also decide the speed of these animations,

You can apply a different animation to each slide, or you can apply the same animation to all slides using the Apply To All option.


With this feature you can decide how to present your presentation to someone else,

Meaning that from which slide your presentation will start, and you can also rehearsal what you have to say on which slide,

At which place you have to stop your slide, you can decide all this, you may not understand it right now but when you make a presentation then you will be able to understand this feature.


Review feature is almost the same in every program of Microsoft Office, inside it you can check spelling mistake in your presentation,

You can do research on any word, if you want to give more information about a word, then you can also add a comment for it,

You can set a password on your presentation by using the Protect Presentation feature in it, so that if someone wants to make any changes in the presentation,

So you have to enter the password first.


Inside View, you get to see such options from which you can see your presentation in different ways,

Apart from this, you also get the option to turn on or off the Ruler and Guidelines, apart from this you get some color and grayscale options,

Apart from this, you get the option of Windows, from which you can open a new presentation window together and arrange it,

Apart from this, you get the option of a macro, in which you can convert some of your commands together into a command,

With this you can use multiple commands simultaneously in one click.

How to prepare a presentation in POWERPOINT?

What is MS PowerPoint? You can create a PowerPoint presentation in the following way:

  • First open PowerPoint
  • You will already get a blank presentation by the way, no you can use CTRL + N
  • If you want to open presentation from your device then press CTRL + O
  • Add Slides as per your need
  • design the presentation
  • add text
  • Change the font of the text according to you
  • Add image, video and sound according to the need
  • When you are done, save it with CTRL + S.

Note-: Keep saving your presentation after a while, due to this, if your computer is stopped due to some reason, then you will not have to do all the work again.


You can learn PowerPoint in 2 ways, in a paid way or in a free way, you can also learn PowerPoint for free, but you have to make a habit of learning it everyday,

Only then will you be able to learn it well-:

Free Methods

YouTube-: YouTube is not just a platform on which you will get content related to entertainment only, but if you know how to search well, then you will also get very good content related to education on it.

There are many good teachers here, from whose videos you can learn PowerPoint, all you have to do is search “How To Learn PowerPoint” and you can learn PowerPoint in your own language.

Free EBooks & PDF-: If you search on Google, you will find many such websites that provide you EBooks and PDFs related to PowerPoint absolutely for free,

You can also learn PowerPoint by reading them, if you want, you can search on Google to know the use of each option and read articles related to it,

But as soon as you learn each and every thing from these methods, you will definitely practice it simultaneously and put a separate notebook in which you can make notes related to them.

Paid Methods

By the way, if you tell the truth, you can learn PowerPoint only with free methods, but it is our duty to give you complete information, so here we are also talking about some paid methods below-:

Coaching Classes -: The first way that everyone knows is Coaching Classes, you can join its special coaching class to learn Powerpoint,

In this you get an advantage that you get homework everyday, so that you can practice everyday.

UDEMY -: You probably know about UDEMY, it is an online learning platform, here you get to see online courses of many things,

Here you will also find many courses related to PowerPoint, which you can watch a little teaser and after that you can enroll in any course of your choice,

One advantage of learning from this is that their courses are chapter-wise, which makes learning very easy.

CONCLUSION (What Is MS PowerPoint?)

In today’s blog, we gave you information about What Is MS PowerPoint, what is it and what are its features and how can you learn it,

If you have found any deficiency in this blog or if you have any suggestion, then you must send it to us by writing in the comment section, we will definitely reply to it,

If you liked this article, then you must share it with any of your friends or family members.

FAQs (What Is MS PowerPoint?)

What is a PowerPoint simple definition?

PowerPoint is a presentation program developed by Microsoft that creates a slide show of important information, charts, and images for a presentation.

What are the advantages of PowerPoint?

1. It can be used virtually anywhere
2. It is a collaborative solution.
3. You can choose to create your own design or use existing ones.
4. Multiple uses.
5. Export in different formats.

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