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What Is A Computer And Who Invented The Computer?

Who Invented The Computer? Hello friends, in this blog we will talk about who invented the computer. All of you must know how to operate a computer. In today’s modern era, the knowledge of computer subjects is being given to the children of the first class of the school from class I. 

Our children have learned to try computers from the first grade, whether children or elders are using computers or laptops the most in this corona period. Online classes of all subjects to children, all meetings are being done through the computer or laptop of the elders.

Computer has completely changed modern technology. Animation, Graphics, Engineering, Medical, Designing, Teaching, Army, Private and Government companies etc. Every field is incomplete without computers. Artificial intelligence computers have also been invested in modern technology, which are being used a lot in space, medical science and large laboratories.

With the trend of computers, there has also been a trend of laptops, notebooks. So today in this blog we will tell you who invented this wonderful computer.

What is a Computer?

Computer is such a device, in which man feeds the information of every field in the computer according to him, and it makes us follow our instructions in the same way and completes and simplifies our work. If it is to be summarised in computer language, then a computer is such an electronic device in which by processing the given data through user input, it provides information in the form of results.

In this we can store, retrieve and process data. The computer performs four processes to perform any task – input i.e. taking instructions from the user, processing i.e. processing that instruction, output i.e. giving the above result and finally storage i.e. storing the given data. The internal part of the computer is called software and the physical part is called hardware – we can touch the hardware parts with our hands. Now you have known about what is a computer. Lets know the parts of computer and Who Invented The Computer?

Main Parts Of Computer

Who Invented The Computer? Like the parts of the human body, the computer also has parts i.e. through which the computer works – each of its parts performs different functions and that is why we are able to use the computer. This is the part of computer – Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse.


It is like a TV in which we can sit and watch, we can work. Whatever you write, any process you do, it is visible to you through the display of the monitor.


The full form of CPU is Central Processing Unit. Where does the brain of the computer go? we get the result By processing the user’s instructions through the CPU itself. In CPU, you have devices like Motherboard, RAM, Hard Disk which process all the data of the computer.


We can input through the keyboard, that is, we provide data in written form to the computer.


It is also an input device like a keyboard. You must have seen the pointer in the monitor display, you can operate that pointer only through the mouse.

Many types of computers have been invented, among them we will tell you some types: Laptop, Tablet, Notebook – This is a new case of a computer in which you will get only one monitor in which keyboard, mouse, CPU is present internally and you charge it. You can take it with you anywhere.

Who Invented The Computer?

Who Invented The Computer? The computer was invented in the year 1822. The famous Mathematician Charles Babbage created this device and he is called Father of Computer. In his experiment, he designed a mechanical computer, in which he made a design by operating the difference engine i.e. automatic mechanical calculator in the year 1837, which he later gave the form of computer.

He programmed this computer through memory and punch cards, this computer was very huge. Later in the year 1991, Henry Babbage who was the son of Charles Babbage perfected a part in this computer which was capable of basic calculations. After this invention, many sciences put life into the trend of this machine, and generation after generation, modern features were added to this machine with time.

History of Computers (Generations)

Who Invented The Computer? We will tell you about the history of the computer from the beginning and maybe this information will help you a lot.

First generation of computer year 1940 – 1956

The first computer named ENIAC was built in the year 1940 by two scientists John Mauchly and Presper Ekhnet. These computers were built using vacuum tubes and operated through punch cards. They used magnetic drums for memory and machine language for programming. Apart from ENIAC, the names of some of the first computers are – UNIVAC, EDVAC.

Second generation of computer year 1956 – 1963

In this generation there was a trend of computers based on transistors. Transistors replaced vacuum tubes, and due to this the size of computers became much smaller. It also used punch cards but the programming machine languages ​​were changed to COBOL and FORTRAN. The main computers of this generation are – IBM 1704, UNIVAC 1108, HONEYWELL 400.

Third Generation of Computer Years 1963 – 1971

Many changes were brought in the computers of this generation because integrated circuits were used in it, due to which the size of the computer became smaller. There was a lot of power saving in this and from this generation the keyboard and mouse started being used. In this machine operating system, there was a trend of many new programming machine languages. The main computers of this generation were: ICL 2900, TDC 316, PDP etc.

The fourth generation of computers 1971 – 1980

In this generation chips were used where thousands of transistors and electronics were integrated into the chip. Large integrated circuits were used and computers became cheaper as well as saving electricity. In this generation high-tech machine language was created like C, C++ etc. Some of the major 4th generation computers – Star 1000, IBM 4341, PDP 11 etc.

Fifth generation of computer from the year 1980 till now

Microprocessor chips were used in this generation. Many changes were brought in it by concentrating the electronics, transmitters in this chip, due to this the computer became the size of a small box. These computers are based on ultra large scale integration technology, so its programs and processing run very fast, we also call this generation fast computers. Some of the major computers of this generation are laptops, notebooks, Microsoft

Conclusion (Who Invented The Computer?)

In this blog of ours, you learned about computers – what is a computer, Who invented the computer? history of computers. This invention has connected humans with the discovery of new planets and the science of robots. Today, through this device, we are not only doing miracles in physical science, but we are also making a lot of progress in medical science.

Thank you for staying with us in this blog till the end. Hope you have found our blog very interesting and in the same way we will keep giving you confirmation of the news of the world.

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FAQs (Who Invented The Computer?)

Who invented the first computer?

The first computer was invented by Charles Babbage (1822)

Who is known as the father of computer and why?

Babbage is sometimes referred to as “father of computing.” The International Charles Babbage Society (later the Charles Babbage Institute) took his name to honor his intellectual contributions and their relation to modern computers.

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