why homework should be banned

10 Best Reason On Why Homework Should Be Banned?

In this blog, we will discuss about 10 reasons on why homework should be banned? So, let’s get started.

Homework is given to students in many colleges and schools. Due to excessive homework, students do homework incorrectly because they do not have enough information.

Sometimes teachers give students new and unknown tasks to complete. When many students are at home, they can’t find anyone to help them. This is the reason homework should be banned.

Many parents have busy schedules and they don’t have time for their children to help them with their homework. For this reason, students have to collect all the information on their own. And the next day when those students go to school, the teacher punishes them because they are not able to collect information well.

There are many reasons why homework should be banned. In this blog, we will talk about those reasons. You should also read who invented homework.

Why homework should be banned?

We don’t say that homework isn’t necessary. But that doesn’t mean that a lot of homework is necessary. A lot of homework creates many problems for parents and students. So let’s talk about the reasons why homework should be banned:

Homework kills students’ freedom

There are many children who do not like to get up early in the morning. They feel very relaxed when they sleep for a long time and wake up late in the morning. Students get to spend more time in bed during holiday time. 

Many teachers give students a lot of homework during the holiday time and this is painful for the students. And their holiday is spent doing homework. He can’t find time for himself to do other activities. It is the first reason on why homework should be banned.

No Time For Exercises

Doing exercises is very beneficial for everyone. People of any age can do the exercise. But students are not able to do exercise because they spend a lot of time in school and when they come home they have to do homework.

They feel very tired after doing homework due to which they are unable to do exercise. This is one of the biggest reasons why homework should be banned. It is the second reason on why homework should be banned.

No Time For Outdoor Play

Many students want to go outside and play. But the teacher gives them so much homework and they do not have time to go outside to play games.

Parents also want their children to go out and play for a while so that their mind remains fresh, but due to more homework, this does not happen. It is the third reason on why homework should be banned.

Homework drops children’s confidence

Homework cannot judge students’ ability. But some teachers judge students by their homework and make fun of them in class. This lowers the confidence of the students

Apart from making fun of children, they should help the child. Teachers should tell the students that where the student is making a mistake, this will increase the confidence level of the students and they will also be able to do homework well.

Homework is not an achievement

Many students do homework according to the teacher’s instruction and it will not give them any success. By doing this, he will complete his homework but will not be able to gain his knowledge.

You must have heard that not every student is smart in studies. This is because every student is interested in something or the other and that thing takes more time. That’s why it is not necessary to do homework, it does not give you any achievement.

Most Homework Builds Bad Habits

When many teachers give the children homework from home, then the children go home and start completing them. In the cycle of completing homework, children complete the homework by imitating. 

This creates a lot of bad hobbits inside them. Due to this they resort to imitation in everything.

No Time To Spend Some Time With Family

Every parent wants their child to share their things with them and talk to them. But due to too much homework, they are not able to spend time with their family. Spending time with family is very important

Spending time with family helps a lot in building social bonds and also teaches children how to live in society.

Homework can have a negative impact on marks

This is an important reason for banning homework. Because there are many teachers who do not give complete information to the students in the class.

Even parents are not able to help their children with everything. And even the friends of the students do not have enough knowledge and experience to help. This is a reason that has a negative impact on the marks of the students.

Homework Causes Depression

More homework impacts children’s mental and physical health. According to the study, many children suffer from depression due to homework.

Due to too much homework, they are not able to give time to themselves, they keep on studying all the time, that is why they start thinking wrong things.and become a victim of depression

Homework Provides No Real Benefit

Many teachers think that by giving a lot of homework to the children, they will understand the lesson better. Although this does not happen at all because students do not learn due to too much homework.

For students to learn more, teachers should give homework to the students. So that they get time to do other things as well.


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What are the negative effects of homework?

A Stanford researcher found that students from high-achieving communities who spend a lot of time on homework experience more stress, physical health problems, lack of balance, and even isolation from society. According to studies, homework for more than two hours in a night can be counterproductive.

Is homework illegal?

Homework is legal in all the state of America because there is no law in any state to ban homework. However, schools in different states are free to have their own rules regarding homework.

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